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Sunset Time Wedding Sydney

Planning your wedding ceremony time around the sunset time will maximise your time for location photos and also give you the best available light which means great photos!

For a full list of sunset times by day and month in Sydney check the following table:

The last hour of sunset on any day is generally considered the best light for photography. This is not to say that a good professional photohgrapher wont be able to capture great photos in midday or harsh light, but for those heart melting golden sunsets, you need the right light! Sunset Wedding Photos Sydney

A summer wedding in Sydney will involve the sunset as late at 8pm so I recommend holding your ceremony as late as possible, even say 4pm or 5pm. But you will need to work in with your reception venue and make sure you meet their latest start time too.

For a winter wedding you should aim to start the ceremony quite early around 1pm or 2pm as sunset is as early at 5pm.

For spring and autumn weddings in Sydney the ceremony time should be around 3pm to 4pm.

For those really stunning sunset photos make sure you choose to be in a great location. Places such as Bradley's Head or Observatory Hill are just perfect as they have a stunning view that faces towards the sunset.

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