• Danielle & Jerrod wedding at Centennial Vineyards

    Danielle & Jerrod – Centennial Vineyards Bowral

    Danielle & Jerrod had a wet but truly wonderful wedding at Centennial Vineyards in Bowral on the weekend. The wedding ceremony was held upstairs in the loft inside due to a annoyingly persistent drizzle. The loft area is quite beautiful and the windows make it a lovely light filled place for a ceremony. After the ceremony we braved the rain outside in the vineyard and it was awesome that the bridal party kept smiling and had lots of fun even with the drizzle. Later in the evening we headed outside again to capture some stunning night shots – the rain makes these photos really work.   Below are the best…

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    Wet Weather Wedding Photography Tips

    They do say it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding, but we’re not entirely convinced! Don’t get us wrong, rain is a wonderful thing – especially when Sydney is often so short of the wet stuff – but in most people’s dreams about their wedding day it’s a brilliantly clear blue sky day with not a cloud in the sky. Rain can put a real damper on this kind of perfect weather wedding day, so it’s pays to have a think about what you will do if it rains. Also, from a wedding photography point of view rain can be a real problem and unfortunately it can…

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  • Sam Thibault Long Reef Golf Club wedding

    Samantha & Thibault – Long Reef Golf Club

    Samantha & Thibault has an awesome wedding day at Long Reef Golf Club albeit with a little bit of rain and wind! Thibault’s friends & family made the journey all way from France so the day had a lovely mix of accents, plenty of attempts at French by all the Aussies, and even some ‘traditional’ barn dancing towards the end of the evening. The ceremony was moved inside at Long Reef given the inclement weather but we braved the wind and showering rain for some awesome photos. The combi was awesome and Long Reef at low tide offers fantastic reflections. All in all a great day and congrats Samantha & Thibault!…

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  • Katrina Wade Dunbar House wedding in the rain

    Katrina & Wade – Dunbar House Wedding Watson’s Bay

    Katrina & Wade’s wedding day was very wet but as you can see from the photos it didn’t dampen their spirits or prevent us from getting some beautiful wedding photos. They both got ready at Watson’s Bay Hotel and we watched as the storm clouds came rolling in. The ceremony was planned for under the large fig tree outside Dunbar House but we went with the wet weather plan of inside upstairs near the main bar. Thankfully the rain eased when we went outside for photos and after some shots around Dunbar House itself we headed to nearby Camp Cove. Dunbar House looks quite beautiful after the refurbishment yet has…

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