Wet Weather Wedding Photography Tips

Rain clouds gather over Sydney Opera House

They do say it’s good luck for it to rain on your wedding, but we’re not entirely convinced! Don’t get us wrong, rain is a wonderful thing – especially when Sydney is often so short of the wet stuff – but in most people’s dreams about their wedding day it’s a brilliantly clear blue sky day with not a cloud in the sky. Rain can put a real damper on this kind of perfect weather wedding day, so it’s pays to have a think about what you will do if it rains.

Also, from a wedding photography point of view rain can be a real problem and unfortunately it can wreck havoc with your photography plans! So it pays to have a back up photography plan for wet weather, especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony or want a lot of photos outdoors in exposed places.

Check the forecast

We recommend beginning to check the weather forecast only 5-7 days before your wedding. Don’t check it any earlier than this as you won’t be getting an accurate forecast and if rain is on the way it will only mean you will have more time to worry, stress, and get upset! A good site for Sydney weather is the Bureau of Meteorology, click here for the short term Sydney forecast. If rain or bad weather is forecast, then it’s time to swing your wet weather back up plans into action! These follow below but should ideally be done months before your wedding date.


Wet weather wedding rain tips

Wet weather wedding ceremony plans

So what if rain is on the cards for your wedding day and you’ve planned an outdoor wedding? Well don’t panic (or try not too) but do get organised to ensure you have a back up location for wet weather on the day. A good first option is your wedding reception venue. Check with them if this is ok and what sort of set up they can create for you. You should be able to make the place look good with decorations from your outdoor ceremony, and go down to the venue and see what it will look like the day before.

Another option is to find cover somewhere near your outdoor wedding location. This can work well if light showers or intermittent rain is forecast, as you might only need cover for a short period of time. If you are in a park there are often rotundas or picnic areas that can be used for wet weather shelter, or look to locate yourself somewhere out of the prevailing wind to get a little more cover from the elements.

If you do plan on going ahead regardless of how much rain falls then consider getting umbrellas organised for your guests. Most people will bring them along but it’s a nice thought to have some spares on hand.

Wet weather photography plans

Boy sitting in rain unhappy weather rain

Your wedding photographer should be able to suggest good places for wedding photos in the event of rain. If they are a local photographer their knowledge will be spot on for great places that can be covered and away from wild weather. Be sure to discuss this at your first or subsequent meetings and take some time to look at the suggested locations yourself to see if you like them. You might be surprised what a professional photographer can create in certain locations, even in the wet, so trust them that they will be able to take good photos.

Another option is to stick it out in the open, and if you plan on doing this you might want to schedule more time for your wedding photos (so you can shelter between showers!). It is also very wise to purchase several big umbrellas. Your photographer might have a preference for colour, but generally black umbrellas are the best option as they don’t distract from the photos. Also, but be careful what colour or printing is on the underside of the umbrellas: you don’t want lovely wedding photos with someone’s corporate logo emblazoned across them all!

If you know well in advance that it will be wet then also think about your footwear. Some gumboots or even a second pair of shoes for the photos outside in the wet is a great idea. It allows you and your photographer to go almost anywhere… and you can be happy knowing you have a pair of dry clean shoes waiting for you to wear after the photos are done and you’re back inside at the reception… and you DON’T want to ruin your Jimmy Choo’s either!!!


Is rain and wet weather all bad?!

From a photography point of view some wet weather is actually not all bad……ok it’s bad, but it’s not ALL bad! Wet weather can be good because clouds add a lot of drama and punch to your photos, whereas a flat blue sky can be rather uninteresting. Recent rain will make everything sparkle and look fresh and vibrant, whereas a baking hot day will make the colours washed out and flat. Ask any photographer and they would much rather shoot on a day with cloud cover than a bright sunny day. So there are some positives!

Will the photographer want to stop shooting?

As long as it’s not pouring down your wedding photographer should be ok with shooting in a little bit of wet weather as their camera gear should be weather sealed. On wet days I multitask holding an umbrella in one hand and my camera in the other… so my gear keeps fairly dry anyway.

With light rain, some mist and that sort of wet weather should be fine to keep taking photos. It’s more likely that you will begin to think twice about keeping going because the rain will ruin your hair, make you cold, and a white dress dragging on the muddy ground isn’t a good look at all!

Remember: relax, smile and enjoy your wedding day!

We’ve seen some fantastic photos from a wet wedding day, and it’s mainly because the couple smiled, laughed, and had a lot of fun! Sure no one wants to be wet at there wedding but it’s so true that you CAN’T control the weather.

Wet weather will only ruin your wedding if you let it!


A bit about me

I’m a wedding photographer based in Bowral in the Southern Highlands of NSW. It’s a popular wedding region located between Sydney and Canberra, plus is only one hour from the South Coast with places like Wollongong and Jervis Bay.

I’ve been capturing weddings (both dry and wet!) since 2006 when I did my first wedding and LOVED the energy of the whole day. It’s a privilege to be part of a wedding day and be able to witness and record some o the most amazing moments. There are tears, there are smiles, true love and a thousand well wishes all wrapped up in one short day.


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