Paige & Alex – Clontarf Beach – Zest at the Spit wedding

Paige & Alex had an awesome wedding day – the guys preps were hilarious and the girls were great fun as well. The ceremony was held at Clontarf Beach and there was such a great group of friends and family gathered. Big laughs from the best man when he swapped the real rings for plastic rings 🙂 And I’m coining a new phrase “pigeon bombed”, but hey pigeons love weddings too ok?

We did bridal party photos around Clontarf Beach in the bright summer sun then did the short drive to the Spit near Zest for more photos. The bridal party were so much fun it was super easy to get some great photos. Kudos to Paige for her chin up in a wedding dress and lots of laughs all round.

The room set up at Zest looked amazing – it’s a great venue right on the water at the Spit and with the main room being upstairs it has a lovely view.

All in all an awesome day 🙂

Photo highlights from the wedding day:
Paige Alex wedding at Zest - McKay Photography

Paige & Alex’s wedding at Zest

Groom with cigar

Alex lights it up

Bride white high key portrait dress back

Paige looked stunning

The ceremony at Clontarf Beach

Ceremony at Clontarf Beach

Paige arrives in the bridal carWedding ceremony at Clontarf BeachPigeon bombed

Pigeons like weddings too

Bride groom aisle exit flowers thrown

Awesome series of their aisle exit

Bride groom wedding aisle exit

Happy much?

Hugs after the ceremony at Clontarf BeachBide groom wedding Clontarf BeachAwesome light at the Spit wedding

Paige hams it up

Bride and bridesmaidsBride groom wedding car through windowRoom and table details at ZestDancing shots at Zest

It was great to work with the DnM Wedding Films team again too.